Payment Information

Types of Payment, When Payment is accepted and a fee schedule for Dr. Dane's Office

Notice of New Private Pay Rate As of January 1, 2018 the private pay rate will increase $25.00

Private Pay

For those individuals not covered by Employee Assistance Programs, or not wishing involve their Employers’ Insurance Providers in this process, I provide receipts for services for tax purposes.


Payment is required at the beginning of each session or appointment. You may owe a co-pay amount or the full fee for counseling sessions. If you plan to use insurance benefits to pay for counseling, please verify before your appointment.

Cash and Check only (Debit and Credit Cards are NOT Accepted)

Payment is accepted in the form of cash or check with proper government issued identification.

Third Party checks

Third-Party checks will not be accepted.

Returned Checks

Returned checks will have a thirty (30) dollar processing fee (per Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes. Art. 9022) added to the amount of the check and is due immediately. All returned checks that are not settled in a timely manner will be filed with the Williamson County Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Schedule of Fees

Item Cost Description
Custom Letter Call for Quote (*) A letter requires a patient file review before drafting the letter. Costs include: overhead, supplies (paper, toner, etc.) and postage/mailing.
Creating a Copy of a Patient File Call for Quote (*) If a patient requests a hard or electronic copy of their file, here is how the cost is determined: $1.00 per page for the first 10 pages; $0.10 per page for pages 11 and so on plus the cost of postage/mailing.
Court Appearance $175.00 per hour (3 hr min.) There is a 3 (three) hour minimum for this service ($525.00). This is Dr. Dane's hourly rate for court appearances. Call Dr. Dane to schedule the appearance and make arrangements for service of process
Private Pay- Initial Evaluation $150.00 This is the cost for an initial session of 90 minutes. (**)
Private Pay- Bi-Weekly $100.00 This is the cost for a 60 minute session occurring every two (2) weeks. (**)
Private Pay- Weekly $75.00 This is the cost for a 60 minute session occurring every week. (**)
Private Pay- Monthly $125.00 This is the cost for a 60 minute session occurring every month. (**)
Missed Appointment Fee $50.00 This is the fee charged to Private Pay Customers for missing an appointment or failing to call in 24 hours before their scheduled appointment time. It is due at the beginning of the subsequent session.
(*)- When requesting a quote, the patient or their representative will be given a response with the estimated cost which must be acknowledged (by email, mail, or telephone call) in order to have the letter created or the files copied.
(**)- Note: the cost of this service is only if the patient chooses not to access their mental health benefits from their insurance company or does not have access to mental health benefits.
Dr. Dane reserves the right to extend a discount to patients on a case-by-case basis with the understanding that all discounts are a one-time, non-continuous offer and must be authorized with each visit.